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West Ham 3- Chelsea 2

Ouch, ouch, ouch. Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech would have been quite an asset this match. Chelsea were sluggish and just felt tired or something. Willian continues to keep it going- he scored both goals, one a very nice free kick. Pulisic again looked sharp and quality, he looks to be a real good buy going forward. Tammy...I think we should sell him and move on. There, I said it. I just don't think he gets it done. Defensively we were a mess, basically we were scored on twice from corners- one was Var'd so we got away with that. But then the same goal happened from the far post again! Not good. I'm guessing there will be some defensive shakeups coming down.

The main thing that I saw was something that has driven me crazy for years now- lack of tempo, urgency, and getting the ball into the final third and having options. Time and again Chelsea bring the ball out from the back and slowly assess what they want to do while the other side has time to regroup and setup. We lose the initiative in transition. Then we get to the final third and move the ball back or try to penetrate small areas and get pushed back. I think Frank will deal with this as well as having Werner and Ziyech to make things happen. But man it's frustrating.

As weak as they were today, I wasn't too bothered. It's an odd season, we've got some serious firepower coming in for next season and Frank is going to get things cracking. Granted is we miss out on Champions League by losing to West Ham and Bournemouth...ugh.


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